Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mortgage Bonds

Proposal to ease the problems of local Welsh folk buying homes

When the locals in Wales want to buy a home 
they often find that they are competing with much better off buyers 
from cities in England and maybe even abroad. 
To help them bid/buy on an even footing 
it should be necessary for all house-buyers in Wales 
to use mortgage bonds. 

Each bond would be valued at £1 
and locals should be able to buy them at say, 40 pence each, perhaps 
if you’re Welsh but from another part of Wales, 60 pence each. 
If you already have a home then you should have to pay a premium, 
say, £1.25 or more. Foreigners would have to pay even more, 
maybe £1.50 or £2? This would enable the local Welsh worker to buy a home. 

the next is an old idea - you may remember the welsh problems

Another possibility is to compel homeowners from outside the area 
to split their homes in two ( upstairs and downstairs ? ) 
part for their own use and part to let 
to a local couple or family at a fair rent 
(for the wages paid in that area). 

This might also ensure that the house was not burnt down by nationalists.

I appreciate that the concept is open to suggestion and improvement.

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