Sunday, May 15, 2011

police aid - simms

police aid - i'd like to suggest

a version of the simms that can be used by detectives in the police force

to help solve serious crime

all the witness statements are created in a simms program

which is run to see if everything ties up

lies ( and inconsistencies ) may be easier to spot

not all detectives may have the ability to hold all the facts of a case in their head

this may help those and also improve the chances of all detectives

to solve more crimes

if birmingham police force was the first to set up the program

and it worked well

it could then perhaps sell this to other forces in the uk 

and throughout the world

more than covering the initial costs

pay rise


now, while everyone is being asked to tighten their belts ( financially )

is possibly a good time not to ask for a ( big ) payrise,


why not try to get pay pegged to the national average pay ?

if pay is, for example, £20,000 pa and the national average is £25,000

then to get it pegged to the national average at 80% would be the first step

each year after this pay would rise naturally with the national average

without the need to go on strike

or negotiate for a rise every few years ( with all the hassle that entails )

all effort could be put into trying to get small increments in salary

( real, permanent increments )

now is the time to do this

Mortgage Bonds

Proposal to ease the problems of local Welsh folk buying homes

When the locals in Wales want to buy a home 
they often find that they are competing with much better off buyers 
from cities in England and maybe even abroad. 
To help them bid/buy on an even footing 
it should be necessary for all house-buyers in Wales 
to use mortgage bonds. 

Each bond would be valued at £1 
and locals should be able to buy them at say, 40 pence each, perhaps 
if you’re Welsh but from another part of Wales, 60 pence each. 
If you already have a home then you should have to pay a premium, 
say, £1.25 or more. Foreigners would have to pay even more, 
maybe £1.50 or £2? This would enable the local Welsh worker to buy a home. 

the next is an old idea - you may remember the welsh problems

Another possibility is to compel homeowners from outside the area 
to split their homes in two ( upstairs and downstairs ? ) 
part for their own use and part to let 
to a local couple or family at a fair rent 
(for the wages paid in that area). 

This might also ensure that the house was not burnt down by nationalists.

I appreciate that the concept is open to suggestion and improvement.