Wednesday, March 24, 2010

school improvement

how about the following ?
test all 11-year olds for sensitivity to food and additives
( advise those necessary of a diet to avoid unwanted foods )
ensure all children have checks for eyes, hearing, colour awareness
ensure all can read to their age level
a breakfast 'club'
fruit/milk drinks at break
wholesome attractive food at dinner time
8am start to the day - 2 shifts and 2 deputy heads ( 2 heads ? )
- academic studies 8am - 1pm
- art, sport, drama, etc 2pm - 6pm
- no homework
45 minute periods always split into 2 parts of 20 mins
( for max retainment of learning )
the 5 min break should be something totally different
( this one is difficult ) all desks in a circle(s) not in ranks
occupational guidance tests for all 14-year olds
only foreign teachers to teach foreign languages


Justice isn’t justice...

...if it costs money.
Justice should be obtainable
without having to expend one penny,
or it just becomes a commodity,
a product, to buy and sell,
the best quality going to the highest bidder.
And when the cost prohibits justice for the wronged, then justice becomes nothing more than a joke,
a method for those in the legal trade
to earn their daily cake...

...where’s the justice in that?

Will we always have law over justice?
or can we ever expect to have justice over law?

Tony Ryder
01 216 806 832
70 Rowheath Road
Kings Norton B30 2EX July 1997