Monday, July 23, 2007


Could it be that later on in life we don’t get fat, we just get bloated,
and not because of the foods we eat but rather
because of the combination of foods that we eat? Also,
could eating the same amount, but over an extended period,
help to reduce this bloating?
If we eat smaller quantities of food every 2 hours
does this help to reduce the swelling of the stomach,
even allowing the stomach to shrink in size a little
so that we don’t feel hungry so often, and
could we, in future, feel satisfied on smaller plates of food.
If we don’t eat a mix of food that creates gas
will this also reduce the tendency of the stomach
to swell as we get older?
Nomadic man used to eat all day long,
little snacks here and there as and when the opportunity arose.
Could this be part of the answer?
Would a mouthful every hour be enough to sustain us, eventually?

August 1997

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

religion - philosophy

assume that each of us is an eternal spirit, in a temporary body, on test,
here on earth

expect that when the body dies, we realise all the harm we’ve done,
and that we suffer disconsolation, in proportion to the total harm done

don’t harm (help?)

that is, don’t harm others, animals, birds, fish, insects, plants, the environment
or even ourselves

28-day club

Or a better name, if you can think of one,
could help many small businesses in Birmingham.
It doesn’t have to be 28 days to begin with,
it could be 56 to start off and be
reduced by 7 days each year for, say, 4 years.
This would be better than the current situation.
The scheme would have to be started by the Council
and half a dozen or so large companies like Cadburys,
the top ten if possible.
They would agree to pay all bills by the 56th day
and would encourage other companies
with whom they do business to do the same.
They would try to persuade medium sized companies to join the club,
then later on smaller companies would also be invited to join.
If preference were given to businesses already in this club
it might be an incentive for others to want to join.
Not being in may indicate that you don’t pay your bills on time
and you aren’t someone to do business with.
Those who failed to keep their promise
would have their membership revoked.
A list could be kept at the Council House for members to consult.

I appreciate that the concept is open to suggestion and improvement.