Sunday, August 03, 2008

is a pimp a slaver?

A pimp will beat a woman that he uses to earn money
if she tries to keep any of the cash.
And if she gets caught trying to run away she’s threatened with death.
Surely this amounts to nothing more than slavery?
If a woman can’t give up the game when she wants
then she may as well be locked in chains.
What’s the penalty for slavery today?
Far better for all prostitutes to work under the auspices of the council
in a controlled environment with a good doctor on hand.
A pension scheme would also then be possible.
These women won’t just vanish but that doesn’t mean
that they should be thrown on the scrap heap.
Just like any other citizen they need to be taken care of.
We don’t always, if ever, know the reasons they entered this profession.
Would stiffer sentences for pimps help at all?
If the women only worked for themselves
maybe their lives wouldn’t be so bad.