Wednesday, March 24, 2010

school improvement

how about the following ?
test all 11-year olds for sensitivity to food and additives
( advise those necessary of a diet to avoid unwanted foods )
ensure all children have checks for eyes, hearing, colour awareness
ensure all can read to their age level
a breakfast 'club'
fruit/milk drinks at break
wholesome attractive food at dinner time
8am start to the day - 2 shifts and 2 deputy heads ( 2 heads ? )
- academic studies 8am - 1pm
- art, sport, drama, etc 2pm - 6pm
- no homework
45 minute periods always split into 2 parts of 20 mins
( for max retainment of learning )
the 5 min break should be something totally different
( this one is difficult ) all desks in a circle(s) not in ranks
occupational guidance tests for all 14-year olds
only foreign teachers to teach foreign languages

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