Sunday, August 03, 2008

is a pimp a slaver?

A pimp will beat a woman that he uses to earn money
if she tries to keep any of the cash.
And if she gets caught trying to run away she’s threatened with death.
Surely this amounts to nothing more than slavery?
If a woman can’t give up the game when she wants
then she may as well be locked in chains.
What’s the penalty for slavery today?
Far better for all prostitutes to work under the auspices of the council
in a controlled environment with a good doctor on hand.
A pension scheme would also then be possible.
These women won’t just vanish but that doesn’t mean
that they should be thrown on the scrap heap.
Just like any other citizen they need to be taken care of.
We don’t always, if ever, know the reasons they entered this profession.
Would stiffer sentences for pimps help at all?
If the women only worked for themselves
maybe their lives wouldn’t be so bad.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


this is an idea to help the police on the few occasions each year
when they need lots of ‘manpower

how about creating deputies ( maybe a voluntary position ? )
these would be ex-police’men, ex soldiers, first aiders,
members of the TA, cadets, firemen, etc - when something like
a wide search has to be done all of these could be contacted
and, jobs permitting, called on to temporarily swell the ranks
of the force they could also be bussed in from neighbouring
counties and towns if necessary they could also be used to
help the police when a large number of houses had to be visited
all at the same time ( search for drugs, illegals or sex slaves )
every one or two police’men could then be accompanied by,
say, 4 or 5 deputies
if the deputies could not be paid ( a retainer ? )
maybe it would be possible to get volunteers
could they be offered a tax discount in return for their service ?
i’m throwing you the idea but you may very well be able to improve it
if you don’t think that it will work, perhaps you could let me know why
and maybe i can think of a way around the objection ?
there could be 3 types of deputies
support deputies - strong/capable
search deputies - physically fit
observation deputies - anyone observant

constitutional representatives

Proposal to re-title MPs

MPs should bear the title Constitutional Representative rather than
Member of Parliament to help them remember the reason they are there.
Currently, some MPs seem to think that once they become
a member of ‘the Club’ that’s it! It’s not a club and they’re supposed
to be working for the public. Many do work hard but the change
of title would help us all keep in mind what they are there for.

do MPs take an oath to serve their constituents ?
if not, maybe they should, every time they enter parliament
to remind them of why they are there

Capped wealth

in this country of overwhelming wealth among some
about whom its dubious from where their wealth came
would it not be better for society to introduce capped wealth
once you amass a wealth of, say,£10 million all the surplus is taxed at 99 %
this would maybe encourage the rich to spread their wealth
around their relatives and friends

Thursday, March 06, 2008

mini trust insurance/pension fund

instead of leaving one's estate
to children and grandchildren ( and maybe even the taxman )
how about putting it all into a mini trust fund
each member of the family would then be encouraged
to pay premiums into an individual insurance unit of the fund
small claims would come from each person's own unit
a large claim ( building burnt down ) would be met from the base fund
set up with the deceased's estate
each person could then choose to use his unit or not
this unit would then build up over time
at the end of, say, 40 years the remaining sum
could then be transferred to an individual pension unit
each person could also be encouraged
to make payments into a pension unit
at the end of each year remaining cash
could be used to purchase shares
each family member would be encouraged
to donate their estate, on death, to the mini fund

most insurance needs could be met by this fund
obviously, not car insurance and a few others

family mini trust fund
individual insurance unit
individual pension unit

Monday, February 11, 2008

the NHS

Is the NHS nothing more than a means to ensure
that there are always enough fit workers for the factories,
offices and the rest of industry?
Could it be that the prime purpose for their existance
is to ensure the smoother running of the market place
and not so much for our sakes?
Maybe that’s why only a limited amount of cash is put into the NHS,
so long as there are enough fit and able workers
why waste money unnecessarily?
And while we’re on the subject;
there are two ways to deal with ill health,
treat the patients or
teach them how to avoid many of the causes of their problems.
Which do you think is cheaper?

Could it be that governments are frightened of the idea of
a highly educated population?
Possibly we haven’t yet seen a government educated enough
to recognise the problem and/or work out how to solve it.
Perhaps too many MPs are selfish,
instead of putting their county first
they choose party, family or even their own pockets.

October 1997

schools ?

Do schools exist just for the benefit of businesses?
To ensure that there are enough educated workers
to fill the vacancies in factories, offices
and other places of employment?
Look at the way GCE marks were allocated in the past,
each year a percentage of passes were allocated to those taking each exam.
This meant that if most students were working very hard one year,
borderline cases would fail, conversely,
if most students were lazy or off form another year,
borderline cases would pass.
So all that industry wanted was enough passes to fill their vacancies.
How many lives in the past may have been ruined
(or even just affected to an adverse degree)
by this callous indifference to
what passing an exam can mean to individuals?
So, it seems that schools, colleges and universities
are not there for our education
but just to supply the needs of the privileged.
Why else would past governments have allowed thousands of youngsters
to leave school without being able to read, write or do simple arithmetic?
They had enough, why bother?

October 1997

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Rape of a female by a male.
Rape could be considered the equal and opposite of murder,
attempted rape the equal and opposite of attempted murder.
Each seeks to give or take life to or from the victim, against her wish,
Perhaps the rapist, if known, should be forced to pay weekly
for the maintenance of the child, if born, until the child becomes a wage earner.
Rape, by a large male, of a small female,
rape by a group of males,
rape by an unclean male can:
lead to health problems in the future,
cause cancer of the womb,
increase the chance of cancer of the womb,
later on in life, prevent a woman having children.
Should the penalties for rape and murder be the same?
Should the penalties for attempted rape and attempted murder be the same?
Have judges considered these points?
Is a female judge more likely to consider these points?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

statehold land

When a ’man goes to fight for hez country ’he risks loosing hez life to defend it. The partner and children could loose their loved one (and breadwinner). If war breaks out each ’man is expected to come to the defence of the country, but what do they get after? usually nothing!
Each citizen ought to be entitled to request and receive a ‘house-sized’ plot of land on which ’he can build a home. The cost? a nominal rent, say £1 per annum. This could be offered first to service’men, police’men and their kind, later to others who serve their country and gradually extended to most of the population. There would be exceptions... anyone who is earning above a certain figure, this sum could be raised bit by bit until it was about, say, twice the national average. Obviously, some wouldn’t need this option ( to have a statehold plot ), some wouldn’t want it and others wouldn’t be entitled to it.

Tony Ryder
01 216 931 905
70 Rowheath Road
Kings Norton B30 2EX July 1997

’man = man or woman

’he = he or she

hez = her or his

hem = her or him ( I know, it could be hir, but it seems a bit clumsy )