Monday, February 11, 2008

the NHS

Is the NHS nothing more than a means to ensure
that there are always enough fit workers for the factories,
offices and the rest of industry?
Could it be that the prime purpose for their existance
is to ensure the smoother running of the market place
and not so much for our sakes?
Maybe that’s why only a limited amount of cash is put into the NHS,
so long as there are enough fit and able workers
why waste money unnecessarily?
And while we’re on the subject;
there are two ways to deal with ill health,
treat the patients or
teach them how to avoid many of the causes of their problems.
Which do you think is cheaper?

Could it be that governments are frightened of the idea of
a highly educated population?
Possibly we haven’t yet seen a government educated enough
to recognise the problem and/or work out how to solve it.
Perhaps too many MPs are selfish,
instead of putting their county first
they choose party, family or even their own pockets.

October 1997

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