Wednesday, July 16, 2008


this is an idea to help the police on the few occasions each year
when they need lots of ‘manpower

how about creating deputies ( maybe a voluntary position ? )
these would be ex-police’men, ex soldiers, first aiders,
members of the TA, cadets, firemen, etc - when something like
a wide search has to be done all of these could be contacted
and, jobs permitting, called on to temporarily swell the ranks
of the force they could also be bussed in from neighbouring
counties and towns if necessary they could also be used to
help the police when a large number of houses had to be visited
all at the same time ( search for drugs, illegals or sex slaves )
every one or two police’men could then be accompanied by,
say, 4 or 5 deputies
if the deputies could not be paid ( a retainer ? )
maybe it would be possible to get volunteers
could they be offered a tax discount in return for their service ?
i’m throwing you the idea but you may very well be able to improve it
if you don’t think that it will work, perhaps you could let me know why
and maybe i can think of a way around the objection ?
there could be 3 types of deputies
support deputies - strong/capable
search deputies - physically fit
observation deputies - anyone observant

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