Sunday, July 08, 2018


wake up, open your eyes DEMOCRACY IS DEAD no state is a democracy any more they are all OLIGARCHIES we are ruled by a few, and behind them are wealthy, powerful people we need to replace it with protocracy ( to get closer to how democracy started ) it only lasted for a short time in ancient greece - today it is abused - a "parliamentary democracy" is not what most folk think of as democracy - today "parliamentary democracy" is like an oligarchy - a few hundred MPs rule us - so - what to replace it ? - how about this - and this is only a model to be improved staring with, say, 2,000 of the electorate and doubling this figure each year in 10 years we should reach over a million - aged about 24 a citizen applies to ‘feedback’ ( or ‘monitor’ ) - certain categories will be excluded - criminals, those who have avoided paying their taxes ? etc - not everyone is interested in politics … ( maybe only graduates should be involved at first ? ) - 'he sits a test to determine if 'he - is suitable to vote on world and state issues - pass the test and 'he can vote ( if 'he wishes ) - in the tenth year the state is divided into about 100 ( or more ) demes - each deme would have about 10,000 monitors - everyone ( eligible ) who wanted to, could feedback on any issue - using the internet - from home, office or work, etc not all would want to do so every time - each day the electors would be able to see what issues are about to be discussed in parliament and give their opinion - for, against ( or abstain if not bothered ? ) the government would then have a daily ? feedback on how the electorate felt about these issues voila - protocracy ( in a way this has already started with organisations like 38 degrees global citizen, and so on ) protocracy - part 2 ( for greece ) i have been told that many greek politicians steal money from the electorate while they are in power and because of parliamentary privilege they cannot be removed until the next election which could be ( on average ) two years away ( and up to four years away ) the answer ? - abolish some politicians ( those who run ministries ? ) form a group of people, academics, etc ( who would interview candidates ) from this list choose, at random, as they did in ancient greece, a panel of five this panel could be changed every year their job would be to interview and employ heads of department ( for each ministry) head of the department for defence, health, education, etc they would be employed by the state ( and could be dismissed immediately if found stealing ) an applicant would be ineligible if known or related to any of the panel each choice of the panel would be put to the ‘electorate’ who could then vote, using the internet, against the selected candidate, if thought to be unsuitable this would give power to the people the president, president-elect and vice-president could be chosen in a similar manner the panel would make up a list of ( 12 ? ) suitable applicants a vote would be taken on the internet by the electorate over 3 days on day one the 6 candidates getting the least votes would be dropped from the list on day two the 3 candidates getting the least votes would be dropped from the list on day three the candidate with the least votes would be invited to be vice president the candidate with the most votes would be invited to be president the other candidate would become president-elect after a term of office of, say, three years, the president ends his tenure and the president-elect takes his place, the vice-president becomes the president-elect and from then on a new vice-president is chosen each time ( every 3 years ? ) by vote ( on the internet ) this is just a model, a suggestion on how we could improve things, others may be able to improve it, to add or take away bits to make it work better, but the current way we run things is obviously not working to the benefit of the common ‘man something has to change suggestions by others … 1 - advertising yourself for these positions is illegal. 2 - campaigns are to be run voluntary, 3 - the job would be honorary with a small expenses fee and a token wage. if you think my idea is complicated … … no one was able to circumvent the government system of the Venetian Republic. Do you know why? For more than five centuries (from 1268 to 1797) the procedure to elect the doge (chief of state) did not change. 1 Choose 30 members of the Great Council by lot. 2 These 30 people are reduced by lot to 9. 3 These 9 people choose 40 other people. 4 These 40 are reduced by lot to 12. 5 These 12 people choose 25 other people. 6 These 25 people are reduced by lot to 9. 7 These 9 people choose 45 other people. 8 These 45 people are reduced by lot to 11. 9 These 11 people choose 41 other people. 10 These 41 people elect the doge. Funny that many Americans blame their electoral system for being complicated. You may think what you want about the Venetian system but it guaranteed what was probably the most stable government in the history of mankind. By the way, despite the fact he was elected for life, the power of the chief of state in Venice was very much limited. He could not appear in public without other officials present (security from populism). He could not meet foreign diplomats or open foreign dispatches without other officials present (security from collusion with foreign governments). He could not possess any property in a foreign land. for more crazy ideas visit

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