Wednesday, January 25, 2012

road safety

as a safety measure at traffic light junctions
could we have a 1 meter circle drawn at the centre of the road
whenever the lights fail
the junction can then be treated as a roundabout

at the exit of one-way streets
it may help to have a row of 300mm triangles
( flat sides out - maybe with a line to re-inforce the meaning
just like those in the centre of roads - single line and broken line )
to show one cannot drive into the road

2 square dots, or 3 or 4 could be painted on the road
in the middle of each lane at say, 500m intervals or more
to remind drivers of the speed limit
these could not be stolen for their aluminium content
and would only be covered occasionally by snow
( trees grow over signs much more often )

these days we see hatched strips down the centres of roads
to improve safety ?
how about a 1metre wide hatched strip along motorways
between the inside lane and the hard shoulder
to increase safety when cars break down ?

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