Friday, December 18, 2009

democracy should be abolished

democracy should be abolished -

it only lasted for a short time in ancient greece -
today it is abused -
a "parliamentary democracy" is not what most folk think of
as democracy -
today "parliamentary democracy" is like an oligarchy -
600 MPs rule us -

so -
what to replace it ? -
how about this -

aged about 24 each citizen applies to vote -
certain categories will be excluded -
criminals, those who have avoided paying their taxes ? etc -
'he sits a test to determine if 'he -
is suitable to vote on world and state issues -
pass the test and 'he can vote ( if 'he wishes ) -

the state is divided into about 100 or more demes -
each deme would have about 100,000 voters -
everyone ( eligible ) who wanted to, could vote on any issue -
using the internet - not all would want to vote every time -

voila - panocracy

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