Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Proposal to help the homeless in Britain

The initial concept is that
Each council should set up sites for the homeless.
These can be landscaped to overcome some of the objections
that are likely to come from those who already have homes.
The landscaping could include small ‘hills’ to ‘cloak’ the sites.

Councils could then buy, or even rent, portacabins of c. 4m x 10m size
and put them in terraced rows, two high, on the sites.
they could even have front & back gardens.
Later on, the rows could be enveloped with cladding front & back,
brick walls at each end & slate-covered roof trusses
over the flat roofs for a conventional appearance.

If the scheme didn’t work then the portacabins
could be returned or sold back to the company.

I appreciate that the concept is open to suggestion and improvement.

Tony Ryder
01 216 806 832
70 Rowheath Road
Kings Norton B30 2EX July 1997

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