Wednesday, September 26, 2007

bottle domes

Proposal to help the homeless overseas

The idea is to slightly change the shape of the large PET plastic bottles in which water and fizzy drinks are sold.
By altering the overall shape to that of a truncated cone, that is a slight taper, the bottles can be reused as bricks to build a dome.
With a taper of about 5mm a dome of about 3,000mm height can be constructed. If the bottles are used empty the dome will be very well lit,
but the bottles can be filled with earth, polystyrene, rubbish, or clay.
A bottle can be used as a mould in which to make clay bricks.
A plug of about 30 bottles taped together could be used to form a double-glazed window.
A doorway can be formed with two or three planks of wood making an equilateral triangle.
Once built the dome can be covered with a cement finish even using chicken-wire beforehand to add strength to the structure.

I appreciate that the concept is open to suggestion and improvement.

July 1997

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